Is it not weird to think of a year to be just like a day.

It’s New Year’s Day and I was thinking oh how lovely for now is a time we are moving into a whole new year of seasons, of summer, of iris growing on the canal where I live, and of bare footed walks. Days are growing longer bringing new life all around.

Then I thought just like now in this moment is a part of the year. Am I making sense? I don’t feel I ever make sense when I try to speak my mind. But the year passes with light to dark, with life to death and dormancy; as 24 hours circles in light to dark, from dark to light. (Well at least here in England) but still in other places of this world we could relate to the cycle of a year.

In turn our life from birth to death and around again, Is light as we enter living in light and laying dormant in dark leaving here in light. Our life cycle is like 24 hours as is a year of our life in seasons. 


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