The Theory Of Everything

Barely left the cinema in fact I’m sat in the toilet cubical
‘The Theory Of Everything’ is beautiful
That is not even the right word to describe the way Im feeling having just left the cinema
Evoking boundless beautiful earth my emotions I feel touched by human creation. I feel touched by our human lives.
“As long as there is life” he said …
Feel inspired but mostly I feel full of joyful tears, they want to spill from my eyes and I feel whole
Im in a tearful realisation of life, life that is there and gone in an instant. It is up to us to make what we are in this “time”, this time, this infite boundless time we live in… and what is it on earth we are here to do?
How beautifully ended the film was!
In creation we live
It’s for creation we live
(And I typed this crying as I finish this blog sat in the car park before the drive home, in which I’m sure to cry again.)
…And blog more on this matter latter.

I feel a huge pull to go home and read my Stephen Hawkins book that I have sat on my shelf… (Iv never fully given the TIME to read before NOW) I have been ignorant of how touching… No! …how moving! Deeply moving Dr. Stephen Hawkins story truly is. Now I see this beautiful rawness behind this infamas book.


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