Looking through old drafts of blog posts I cam across this one, about facebook, it’s intrests me. Why? Because recently I just left facebook again, yes…again. After the last time I deleted facebook I rejoined it with a fake profile. This fake profile had a fake email address which had a fake birth of date and personal information. I never logged out of my facebook except recently to which I can’t remember my passoword. And to access a new one i need to access my fake email. Which is impossible. It’s ok because the reason I needed to re log back in was because I wanted to delete my account. Now I still have a profile but I can never access it, even to delete it.

Heres my blog from the 31st December 2014, so almost  year ago. I can’t believe a year on I am goign through the same cycle, almost.

I use to blog, rarely. And now I’m back. I hope to connect with people on here and just somewhere to be free and discuss what’s important. Passion
Facebook as of the 1st jan ..being tomorrow has new rules.. They can share our locations, without us willingly being a participant. It gets a whole lot creepier if you think about it, like I have.
We save the CIA a whole lot of money by using this stalking device conveniently hiding behind the notion it’s a world wide connecting tool. Yeah ok, it wants to appeal world wide as it wants world wide face recognition and to know where and hat we are all doing.
I recommend these films to be taken seriously, one being the hunger games and the other that new film the imitation game. They are brilliant. I’ll talk more about it when it’s out on DVD font want to spoil it. But I feel the imitation games just like how they control us, with the help of Facebook and how we use the internet.
So iv taken that conscious leap into the unknown world of no Facebook. Ooo scary right. Iv heard a few demons pulling me back, one major one is my shop I run with 3 others we run our business on Facebook and have a private group where we discuss the business too. So iv left those. Eek. How will we cope? Well imagine there’s no Facebook!
This addictive source that gives us free everything it seems…. At no cost! No honest it’s all free. Right? Free advertising our business, the beautiful places we visit .. Our online persona. Oh and the events we can create and share. Why we can even organise protests and create government opposing pages and communities. Free. We are free right?
Wrong no we aren’t and if we think so small minded and closed off we will do what they set out to do, close us off and make us individuals, one; when we aren’t, we are the world. See Facebook looks like it’s for connection world wide I mean look at all my friends, all my passionate friends sharing positive and eye opening things, but really what good does it do online… Well on Facebook. It really is an illusion. They aren’t for connection for our benefits … It’s for their own. Nothing is for free..

Thank you.


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