Pollyanna Prints

 I suppose we all are pulled to A direction or a few.. One of my directions is in printmaking. I thought I’d share a workshop I did in a libary with children and adults… What did I learn? That we can all make beautiful art, and sharing is the best tool in life to connect with others and to inspire and just simply be. So what are you good at? Slightly good at? Wish you was good at? Just go do it! You’ll be inspired just by doing. I promise!
Oh and I called my printing… Pollyanna prints, why? Well have you ever watched Pollyanna? It’s the most beautiful film and I would watch it with my nan growing up. It’s a film about a girl with a positive outlook on life who inspired a whole village for the better just by her nature of being positive about everything with a game she played called The Glad Game. I’d like to share my reality with people that come across my work and who I interact with in future workshops.
Sometimes I forget this fact, of why I started printing more and what my aim is in this life and just by explaining this back to myself I remember. Thank you for reading x


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