“The Bodies Final Journey”

This morning my eyes graced up an invite to an exhibition of artist, and friend, Rianon Francis. The exhibition is on death and never before this day have I understood, or pondered upon, the work she creates. This is until I read the write up by my friend, artist and curator, Sonny J Barker, who is an excellent writer of artist statements! The exhibition launch is tonight the 19th March at The Corridor Gallery in The Bureau, Blackburn, BB1 6DW, and will be on until 2nd April.

“This series of photographs offers the viewer the opportunity to see behind closed doors, to see death in the everyday. The images show the calm and tranquil as well as the banality of death.

This is the body’s final journey.” Sonny J Barker

I felt inspired reading Sonny’s write up and started to question my own thoughts of death, here’s some creative writing/a poem that I felt channelled through me..

Oh curiosity of death! Why do we hide, why we do we run, why do we cover this lines beneath our eyes?

Our eyes don’t see the soul leave when we are deceased,

it lives on. free. birded wings through fields ever green in light,

prism. Through this time we stand within,

like a black hole we are sucked in.

Morphed bent particles race, racing, still.

Floating is the speed of light.

Free from ego, and this vehicle. This vehicle for life, penetrating clouds, about thought, through time, no time.

Stop, bliss. Floating is the speed of light. Stillness.

Celebrate death, its the cycle of life,

lost rituals, growth of media. growth of unnatural substance.

We, beneath this surface, are. Blind.

Growth of people, growth in mind, leaving the earth behind.

Shower down this death, it brings freedom from thought, from substance from heavy.

Away, above, joining oneness. We seek.

One, one, One. Non.

Non,  non of this makes any sense.

Death is sense

momentary breath,

death, every second, death. You me

reborn, this wholeness we came, connected.

In death we are, YOU are ever connected.

final journey of this vehicle, this body. Impermanence

freedom of the soul, released

this is not our final journey, never ending

I’m sending

you, this message KNOW YOUR BOUNDLESS

the soul is soundless,

finding timeless moments that live on, in death

eternal in this circle of life.

Thank you


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