Invisible strands connect you to the stars 

To the moon, the universe is ours. 

Spreading wings, flying

Effortlessly soaring, ease comes with no trying

Don’t believe the ego, no lying to yourself

Remember your boundless. Believe these words, it’s your health

No excuse NO limits 

There are, pause. No minutes! 

Serene feathers soar, roam

Remember everywhere is your home

Above, clouds ever white

With perspective, we might..

We will! find the light

It’s present;

With presence. 

Believe your little voice 

Stillness, there’s always a choice

Ask, if I die tomorrow do I wish I’d done this? 

You know, clarity seeps in after the sunsets blinded mist. 

Eternal sunshine projects from YOUR mind

We can’t rewind

Its in this moment that we bind

Surrendering to forces above 


It’s eternal, 

And life is a circle. 


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