What better way to compare contrast of this truth: in darkness we see the light.

For in day the stars still shine, yet with dark is when we see the shine, we see the light.

It is in darkness we see the light.

It is with night the eyes see the stars.

Lightbulb moment 2013 as I walked from sunset to the darkness along the canal and followed by this mind map of stars…


When you look at the stars. You notice there glow, they twinkle. Then balance is lost, a wobble, light headed. Find centre, do the stars move. They seem to buzz slightly, ever slightly moving. Vibrational. 
Are the stars moving?
Or are we? Am I moving, on earth, is the vibration I see a movement of time, of space.

And I’d it not interesting to ponder, why colour is lost when the sun goes down.
The water looks black and in day it is green. Is it? No, that’s what I perceive … In fact the water colour changes with the sun. Is anything a solid colour? Water shines glistening white with sun. So without the sun light out eyes see black. (Of course there is artificial light, something that I am not pondering here as I stand on the canal)

The 3 stars stand in unison tonight, I don’t remember the last time I stopped and embraced the dark at night. To look up at the universe above, the universe. Araions belt as we name it so, they feel like home to me. Yet I stand so apart from them. Here on earth, one human being. A soul inside this body.  Do we hold the universe inside us. How does the moon resignate so deep in a person.

Why now is the air so quiet. I set off at twilight and have never heard nature so loud. So happy. Chattering. Birds, singing beautiful melodies to me. Now dark has arrived the light has faded the last half of the sky and it is silent.

Only noise I here is a distant motorway, a buzz. And I know it us the sound of movement, bodies moving through time rushing to there destination. Where are they hoing, why do we seek to move and go. There is something moving in the way I stand hair blowing gently in the wind, stood in the dark of the canal, whilst I can see a country road lit with street orange glow and hear the buzz of the motorway. Being still and hearing movement. Time comes still. After I look from my phone screen up, the sky is illuminated even more so. Dazzling glowing spots. Science tells is are glowing balls of gas. They are so much more.

Look up at the stars and feel there energy, your presence and the movement in the air on this earth. How peaceful to be outside the box we inprison ourselves in, to open our eyes to our true place. Connected. What does it remind you, today I’m reminded more of stillness, to intuitively connect to the infinit life energy that balances above or heads. To do this outside of our walls. (Even when the moon visits my window I  gaze upon him and have that same feelings, wholeness.)


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