You Are Without Time 

Recently my minds wandered over, round, in circles, upon thoughts of time. Timeless is our souls yes my mind is embedded in this belief now. Taken a step further I have thought more about how the outside is a reflection of the inside. A simple fact. Yet if you mull over this for a while you begin to question a lot… And once you rise above these thoughts and into the stars you are compelled to see this endless battle of birth and death of ever second in our bodies. An endless renewing cycle. Which is present from the earth outside/ concrete jungle and to the stars and to the galleries above our heads which lay in our eyes. All intertwined and I am still coming to an ending to these thoughts in which I circle. 

If there was to be peace then there would have to be a stand still of time. There can be no peace without growth… Without growth. Without growth from baby to adult. That body has gone it is no where’d is non existent. Only this body this second is exsisting in time. Forever dying and giving birth to new cells. Present in this world in this caos and in this beauty of space, in space the death of a star is beautiful maybe this world (this “reality”) is one in which we materialise the universe in flesh and blood and bones and creation … For well, iv not ended this theory yet. Seeing connections from within to a universal beauty of awe and magic which is present now. Giving birth and killing. 

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