Milda’s magic light 

One lady, Milda Okunyte, has left a lasting impression and energy in preston since she left this body on earth. She was and is a beautiful soul who created music, made art and was aspiring to be an illustrator. “Your spirit is a guiding light to us all” Katie Ryan.

On Thursday Bohemian music vol 26 dedicated their night to the memory of Milda, many people expressed their love and it was a beautiful night for the little time I could stay. Fire breathing, hoola hooping, juggling, drumming, making music, drawing and writing messages on boarss with chalk, (and this was just outside for the 2 hours I stayed) A surreal and moving night where everyone came together shared their passions and talents in an organically magnetised mini festival tributed to Milda. 

This has been a reminder to me that life is about the energy we share whilst we are here. What’s important is these people around us and how we make others feel by being who we are. Imagine we are balls of energy and we give and take and influence and rub off, literally, on the world around us= which leaves our mark, our energy, parts of our soul… here on Earth. I hardly knew Milda and only spoke to her a few times but I felt her energy and she made me smile. Let’s make people smile! Let’s make death a shake up for the reality we live in, what’s really important? What’s it all about? Let’s make art, make music, hug, sing, dance and laugh! Let’s together, open ourselves to community, love, be and shine with passion x 

The above dreamy image is by Milda. Here is Milda’s beautiful page of creations, she has given us these gifts, little pieces of her soul, in art form, leaving these behind to grace our eyes. Do have a look, amazingly talented… Mad-Mil Art … And below, have you ever watched Coraline? It’s one of our favoirte films (mine and my Noah’s) … It’s about a girl who finds another world through a trap door in her new home, everything seems perfect through this door she has another mother but everyone has buttons in their eyes… And she soon realises that the real world with her real mum is what she loves and fights to get back to! This below is one of Milda’s illustrations that reminds us of this film, it’s genius! A key to where? To another world? 🙂 

Here is an event where everyone is celebrating the life of this beautiful soul tomorrow…Hemp Redemption for magic Milda

Beautiful planet is where I met Milda and where the beautiful community she was, and still is, part of meets up every week for Hemp Redemption, Sunday at 5:15 pm for vegan food and beautiful organic music. Every one is welcome! 

There will also be a busking,  organised by her dear friend Elliot Vincent Bennett, who is an awesome artist himself and took pictures of Milda, a muse in beauty in skin and soul… Elliot’s photography page (of music and art and food… Anything your good at I’m guessing you can join in and busk at it!) …happening in preston this week for the raising of funds to go to Milda’s family to fly over here from Lithuania. (I’ll update this information when a date is decided)

The image of this blog, the art work, is by Milda herself and can be found on her page link above 🙂 

The images above  are from hemp redemption 💞

If anyone has anything to add or wants me to take away please let me know  I hope it’s ok for the people who knew her well I wanted to share all the beautiful things she created and the pages and events that homage her and all the love x

Thank you for reading 


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