Upcycle mono-print workshop at Conscious Camp

This weekend I held a workshop in collaboration with Conscious Cat Studios, Danielle Kyle, at the Conscious Camp festival in Langollen, Wales. The workshop taught all ages the process of monoprinting asking the question, how can we save the world by first saving ourselves? In the end we created a beautiful conscious collective bunting shown below. This a question I am in the process of answering and exploring myself and wanted to help myself come to some conclusion by doing this workshop.

It was a beautiful response we recieved from the children who took part with the Magic they drew like dragons, forest scenes and even super heroes. I also felt that maybe the children didn’t understand the question, maybe it’s us adults who make these things complicated? In comparison to adults who wrote mostly quotes to themselves of love, peace and drew portraits of their family. I would love to have more adults come to the workshop next time, I feel it may be nice to explore more on this theme and interact adult with child to highlight our collective views to the question and also the difference in which I feel we approach it.

What is it I find when looking back? It’s that we must look at the world through the magic and vastness… Through the infinit pure possibilities that is present in a child’s eyes. This way anything is possible and there are no limits to our world. No boundaries. To save ourselves, to save the world is to believe the magic like a child. Rekindle and reconnect to our inner child. To do this I feel we must connect more with the children around us they are pure life force pure un-bound and free expressing Angels… which is what we fight to now as adults to get back to! (It is strange to revisit this conclusion to me… as I wrote my dissertation on the growth of the soul from child to adult and how I want to with art, in a nutshell, reconnect us to a boundless mind like a child!)

It Has just occurred to me what if as we grow from child to adult and the boundaries are set and we are more conditioned and “grown-up”… Is that when we see the bad in the world? Litterally. What if we don’t see the bad, what if it is not in our consciousness as children until we are told about it by adults as we grow.. Which then we create our world with our beliefs and our mind.

-All materials in this workshop was collected from the recyling of the camp people ie carboard packaging and then used to up-cycle and transform into beautiful mono-printing. Thank you conscious campers for getting involved and donating your recyling.

image image image image image image image image image  image

Thank you you to all the beautiful souls I met at Conscious Camp I can’t wait to return to more.


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