“consciousness is the pulse of the present”

Phillip Shepard- interview on chaos

I truely recommend watching this interview. It helped me find clarity recently, “knowledge and self knowledge are seperate”- we are lacking in true self knowledge. How to come into the world around us and reconnect and rekindle our relationship with Mother Earth.

HOW WE CANT CONTAIN REALITY? Reality leaks out of our image of reality. There is a shared awareness in consciousness. Consciousness is the pulse of the present.

We all yearn for wholeness, it brings harmony. So how can we connect to it? It’s inside, so we must connect to our inner knowledge.

“There is a brain in the belly”! We aren’t living in our heads, try to practice lowing your consciousness down to your belly, to your gut. Spend down and sit down in your belly, it’s a beautoful exercise I feel so much different when I remember to do this in my everyday! Your being is in your belly, and your being supports your heart. From your belly brings an uprising of energy to your heart. We can’t force open a flower, the nutrients rises up from the grown through up the stem and then to the flower head, just like us! We are like flowers.

Please se take a listen if you find connection in anything I just shared with you šŸ™‚

Thank you for reading,



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