A poem I wrote trying to find the meaning of life

Life purpose
What is the purpose, this feeling?
This being, I’m still listening.
How to trust this stillness…
In waves, in speed, swept, blurred.
We Are unhappy yet content.
We are going… somewhere,
But what if we aren’t meant to go anywhere?
Then why do we have legs.
Separation is this life,
Behind these bodies urging for direction.
Love longs for love.
To see it, feel it, be it.
Deeply and hitting the spot.
So we can let go,
Impermanence of this soul- this wandering light.
Never the same in skin, these walls, let them fall.
Boundaries ever changing
Constant circling=in births and deaths
Skin is invisible.
If we have never found the purpose of life…
Does it mean there isn’t one?
Maybe it’s death, death- boundless in light and energy.
Realizing our infinite selves- without duality.
Blissfully awakening from a long sleep on earth-
No one can say this is real. I cry- for sanity.
This is a reality, of the eyes– not the minds eye.
Images are duality.
Fragments touch, taste feeling.
Growing further from the void within,
I feel it in me and see it in you.
A dark hole breathing in and beaming out Rays.
Home is within somewhere between the heart.
A thread flows from this void to the vast darkness of the sky
Beyond where energy beams from Suns=
We call stars.
Like a blackhole collapsing inside,
We are home.


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