My first stall as a printmaker

image image image

My first stall as a printmaker was at the first festival I have organised with my friend and artist Alex Ware. And I was so busy and flustered that I forgot to take an actual picture of the layout of my stall! Β It worked really well I had pushed myself by doing the festival to make myself have a stall. (And because I had organised it I put extra pressure on myself to make it look good!…. And it did)

I recieved A LOT of help from lovely friends but especially my good friend and ex work colleague Elizebeth Wilson, a ceramic artist and maker of anything you ask her for! She made me my wooden stand/shelves as a display and also helped me to hand print my lino designs on to mugs, which she then fired for me and also gave me the ceramic paint to use! (Such a star!) I truely love the mugs and recieved a lot of compliments on how the stall looked and especially the mugs.

Push yourself and God knows what you can achieve, literally! I love pushing myself but recently Iv had a quiet period of listening to myself and truely trying to see what the direction is that I want to go in. Until then I’m really enjoying my garden! And painting commissions I’d not given the time to before! πŸ™‚

thank you,



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