What do the eyes know, and are they the path to the soul?

What’s an eye
We says its a path
A door
Opening to our souls
A deep connection
A river
A conscious being
The cosmos present in waters within the iris
dancing playfully
Giving birth to the cosmos
Beyond the sky
Deep within the darkness of the pupil
Pulled and calming, in black holes.
To where?
And what do the eyes teach us?
They show us separation
From the unlimited potential unknown,ย what is in the eye
Proof, resonating our mothers are the stars
Yet in opposition shows us pain. Frustration and confusion
Material life.
Bound with walls of eyes
Ironic, seeing these things. This reality.
Reality of life in the senses and separation and seclusion of the self
Within this body and through these starry eyes
We see. Nothing that is real.
The eyes are the path to a soul
That stillness the connection, yes you feel it
Eye contact is peace, indescribable.
We look within
Within this vastness
Two eyes looking within. Blackholes.
And it makes sense now, staring into the blackness. Still.
What is real. This comes from within.
Two people feel one and that’s the feeling of the soul,
Pupils bare no walls


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