Conscious Tribe Gathering Fesival Workshop.

Me and Noah, my 4 year old son, are holding a mother and son workshop at the Conscious Tribe festival on ‘Painting from the inner child’. Children will be our inspiration and their energy will guide us as we ask the universe how can learn from our children? Children are free expressing Angels of the universe and are always here and in the now. Connecting deep to our inner child through the art of expression in paint we will be free in Mark making, and we will explore painting energies and feelings in the now. This will be the ultimate workshop to let go of thought and outcomes and we will flow in our beings creating as one. We will use paint and recycled carboard as a medium to express and release our energies to the earth. We will end the session by collectively painting a Conscious Tribe flag in which we can raise to the sky and fly with the wind.

The festival is the 23rd July to the 27th, find out more at Conscious Tribe’s website



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