A weeks thinking, a mornings work.

image image image image image image image image image image image image

Above I created 4 seperate artworks this morning. Each one I used string and paper, and gave them intention. One was hung in my tree in the garden, to capture the invisible back and forth energy it emits and also maybe capture the voices we can not hear as humans. The second I hung in my door way, to capture the invisible energy that passes in and out of my home. The third I hung a piece of paper in my window to capture the rising of the sunshine from the hill above. And last o hung a string from my home to my neighbours to capture the connection between our street and bind us together, this was to highlight we are connected. This piece of paper also collected the energy of universal wave which passes through our street and all of our streets, earth and universe. It captured the weather and every passers by intention, enquiries and gaze.

I made ace these art works for Blaze, an arts organisation, and an Exhibtion im taking part in this coming October i Accrington library.

Thank you, Antonia


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