The Invisible Identity

image image

The invisible worry

The invisible Neglect

The invisible thread

The invisible pill

The invisible information

The invisible lies

The invisible thruth

The invisible reliance

The invisible Ignorance

The invisible illness

The invisible cure

The invisible fear

The invisible illusion

The invisible strand

The invisible knowing

The invisible want

The invisible seach for someothing outside of the self

The invisible connection, between mind body and soul


This is my nan above, I found her intresting as she brought into the front room a huge back of empty pill boxes and she started cutting away at them. I asked what are you doing. Her reply was she had to cut out. Her name so she could recycle them for bin day. When I asked why she told me “so my identy won’t be stolen”, “I don’t want people know I take these pills” “I don’t want people to know who or where they have come from”.

I am working on a new Exhibtion at the moment exploring invisible art and I thought this was very appropriate research to use. The invisible lost information and the invisible fear my nan held win her name and these pills, also the invisible illusion of what these boxes hold and where all the pills have gone and what are they for what have they done, and why do we take them? Why do we trust? Why do we ignore? Why do we believe what we are told? Is there a connection we have lost touch with?

An invisible thread, web, of life.


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