When your lost you can be found, by yourself. (By me)

This is a poem about loosing yourself
Being so caught up you loose touch with your health, wrapped up in wealth.
Hypnosis feeding us unconscious restriction,
spending our life in constant contradiction.
We are not taught life’s only rule
is one you can not learn from school
Everything is you, everything is everything.
You are the birds that sing
Life is a circle
YOU are the circle, you are all, you are a miracle
I’m forgetting all. My woes. My lows.
Because I feel the grass between my toes
Forgetting in the sun rays
My mind is a haze
And I am ablaze
Basking in your glory
You rewrite my story
Take me take my body. Take me on a journey
Set me free from my burdens.
The sea calls me
The wind holds within it the power to set me free
Shaken by my roots
Taking aim, the angel shoots.
LOVE at me.
You try to pull me giving me a false sense of reality
Weighing me down with responsibility
Hills tower my brick home
I know I’m not alone
In your wild ness
Your wilderness
Lost from scripture
You know you can paint your own picture
Pulled between flight and ground
I’m flying and I can’t hear your words. They are just sound
It’s noise to me and it makes no sense
Your living in past tense
But sometimes you catch up with me
You come at me with a chainsaw and chop me down like a tree
It takes me time to reshoot, re sprout, and grow
But you don’t know what I know
the essence of life stems from me and I’m free knowing this, standing in my truth
your aloof
Fed by a machine
Your mind body and spirit doesn’t feel clean
The sunshine pulls me into presence
Life for a moment, a night, a morning. Makes sense
Harness your own light
Don’t let your sorrows pull your soul into this fight
The universe will conspire
It will provide
Follow your insides, your passion, your fire
Let life wash over you with its tides
Drown a little and feel alive
Don’t have regrets don’t let time pass you by
In the direction that feels good, your soul knows it when you lie
It’s quivers, shivers, but it wants to fly.
You have to question it, question the norm, don’t believe everything.. but you can listen
Come from a place of understanding
Trust. Don’t be demanding
Aim your arrow and let go, trust this position
Watch the weather, watch the intangible, watch the unexplainable, watch the inescapable, watch the unpredictable. Listen
Let go of what you can’t control
The sun calls me the blue sky calls me the stars they call me the hills they call me
And I’ll use my last pennies for petrol
Because Mother Earth makes me forgetful
Thank you for my senses and my imagination
Thank you for vision. For feelings and creating. Thank you for creation.

Think i shall go make some illustrations for this with my watercolours.

Thank YOU, Antonia


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