30th September 2015 morning poem

Am I a bad person
For wanting the best
For seeing the truth you people don’t get
Am I a bad person
For wanting to live my own truth
For living too passionately
Leaving you in the loof
Am I a bad person
For feeling my pain
For not ignoring my feelings
For acting insane
Am I a bad person
for not following your path
Do you judge me because I am different
Because you don’t understand
Your in a delusion following by demand
Get a job you command
I know you care
You believe “Life isn’t fair”
Your words cut through me
Please just let me be
Your actions come out of hand
This you never planned
Am I a bad person for living by me
For making mistakes
For not being safe
Am I a bad person for not looking the same
Where’s my pride you think, what a shame
Am I a bad person for feeling this way
Defending a right to play
You think it is crazy
My life seems lazy
Does it mean I’m a bad person
Fighting a battle wanting acceptance
Wanting a safe place
A place to be loved
Am I a bad person for looking outside
For asking the questions you don’t don’t dare
I can’t help it because I care
I care that my life is mine to be lived
And I care that my son cries
No that’s not “just life” these words are lies
Coming from the purest of place
Please don’t feed me your brainwashed opinions I need some head space
I can see your just not on my wave
Community is the thing that I crave
Fear ridden society
Absorbed in propriety
Watching tv believing the news
Your mind has been subject to this abuse
Will you ever make it out
You can try to shout
This is the matrix, I’m compromising living in-between
Someone save me before I scream
Open your arms and welcome me home
While I’m waiting here I know your there and I’m not alone.


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