Poem for a library

Question the windows

Question which way the wind blows

Question your sight

Question the artificial light

Question the chairs

Question your arm hairs

Question your nose

Question where the time goes

When you enter
Question the circle in the centre

Question my intent and your intent
When you decent
Through these doors

Question the books on wars

Question history
Notice the mystery

Question the truth
Does it leave you aloof

Read about stars

Questions the cars
Parked outside

Find a place to hide

Question the bookcase

Did you leave an invisible trace?

Question your aura

Question the flora

Question knowledge

Question the consistency of your porridge

Check out a cook book

Question captain hook

Question the morals
Books teach

Question how far your willing to reach

Question your attention

Give a book a mention

Question your expectations
Question the precipitation
Question the library’s presentation

Question the layout
And how your move around it
And where people sit
And where do you fit
How the room is lit

Question the corners
Take note of what you sense
Question the past-tense

Question the story that makes you feel whole
Question, dose a book have a soul?

Question the corners
Do they feel snug
Can a book give you a hug?

Question what your feeling
Question the ceiling
Look up

Question your eyes
Question the sighs
You hear when the computer dies

Question the machine
Question the toilet, is it clean?

Question your heart
Question where you start?
Why? Where? How?
Question, are you right here and now?

Check in
Tap in
Read a book
Take a second look

Question your connection
Question this projection

Question your social skills
Question the hills
You’ve drove cycled walked on your way here
Question your fear

Question the people
Who inhabit this space
Question the expression on your face

Question the silence
Question the noise
Notice the joys
Brews bring

Question everything


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