Why you should come to Accrington Library tonight between 7-9?

Not only will there be wine. But there will be artists. And people, which are the same thing.

You should come for the conversation

Come share your vibration

Come so I can see you

Come use our loo

Come because your intrigued

Come because im fatigued

Come so you can notice all the things we have been making

Come because we may be faking

Come to read our mind

Come to see the cosmos and what it’s made tonight

Come to question your sight

Come because I wrote

Take note

Our work doesn’t work without interaction

Come to be our test

Come, be your best

Come to leave your home

Don’t be alone

Come because you don’t want to

Come because you want to

You should come because we we made this for you

Come because

Come because a crowds encouraging

Come and make art with us

Come to critise

Come and exercise

Come to look around

Come and make sound

Come because I ask you to

Come for a brew

Come becuase your meant to

especially if your reading this


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