Your Safe Place

Today me and my son Noah be holding a den building workshop as part of a week long exhibtion of interventions in Accrington library called DROP’IN. im bringing sticks, reused materials, string and pegs to create hide outs between the books and to create a safe place to be and feel within. I want to discuss how we feel different in the spaces we are, and how simple materials can transform our ability to be, in space.

Throughout my time spent working in the library during workshops I participated in I noticed creating safe places was something that kept popping up. It’s a theme I kept working with and presenting in different ways, I noticed the way I felt within the space and when I wanted to share art work or create a happenings the space would be really important. Not just how it looks but how it feels to be in it. I noticed how people in the library move within the space, how they sat in the corners and around snug tables towards the back where it’s out of the way and dark. Why? We all so this. Especially noticed the difference in the people staying and the people who came and went. I made an energy map in one of the workshops at the library, this was where I sat and felt the rushing of people’s paths and I tentions when they came into the library for a short time and saw the slow stillness of people who came to enjoy the library as a solitude place and how they found comfort in hide away as in places where they could be on their own and this tented to be corners.

A workshop can be an artwork. A feeling can be an artwork. Can it? I think it can, I’m questioning this and exploring these statements with this workshop im doing today. Is the weather a part of my workshop? Has the universe conspired to create this perfectly rainy dark day especially for den building? Den building is more fun when the outside seems miserable. And where better to be than in a library, surrounded by books protected by walls from the elements of mother nature on the outside. There’s something nice is thinking today is a gift bestowed upon what is planned to do in Accrington and that it’s entirely because of my intentions of building dens. Not because it’s autumn or that we have an 80percent chance of rain in the month of October. Not at all. So, the weather is a part of the art. And a workshop can be artwork. Today the artwork materially will be there and gone within 4 hours but there will be energy made and shared and feelings felt and questions posed, the un material is the art. The feeling and thought, the space and the energy.

The adventure, is my journey, your journey, our journey apart of the art? Yes becuae our journey affects the outcome. I’m just sat on the bus driving to the next bus to get to the library to be with you all today, and I’m thinking about what is really a part of this workshop. What are my intentions, because these are important maybe more important than anything else in life. Intentions create our external, they project what what we intend and then we manifest this and more. I intend to get cozy and comfy and have fun in the process of building it. I intend to create feelings of happiness and exploring and adepventure. Because it’s pretty awesome to build in a library, eh! And I intend to gain a clearer image on my questions Iv posed above and maybe it will lead to more art where a feeling is the artwork I create, through awareness and creation today. I’m going to ask the people who get involved to notice the difference we feel when we occupy a space differently. I’m taking pegs, recyled material, sticks and string, and I want to highlight how these simple materials can transform a space and our feeling within it.

One neo week in the library, right at the start, I gave a mini workshop/intervention where I sat everyone in the centre of the library and read a quote Id found in a book about being social and speaking and engaging rather than using technology. I chose the space becasus I noticed it was like a huge void circle in the centee of the library as you entered. People just seemed to pass through this space and no one occupied it most times it just looked empty and feel weird. I wanted to physically put us in the centre because it would feel weird, becuase it want the done thing, it wasn’t a space people normally used. I wanted to bring it energy and for us as a group to notice the feeling we felt whilst standing here. The quote was more of something, some reason for me to do this to everyone, and by chance I’d opened a book and read this quote, at the time to quote connected me to the fact I’d noticed how a lot of spoek used the computers in the library, more than the people who sat and read books.

I am almost in at my bus stop now, thank you for reading. Thank you for being enjoy your rainy day!


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