I wana be a musician

I’m feeling really inspired by  Medicine For the People today, and I’m feeling a little impulsive (as usually) in that now I want to join a band. I’ll need to learn an instrument. But if got the messages to share, Iv got my words and my passion. I always feel I can more freely express myself through words and writing down. But not in a sensible way like writing blogs or stories or things that make sense and are structured. Poems and creative writing freely are my outlet. It somehow makes sense of myself when I do it, it’s like that’s how my thoughts word how they best get chanelled out of me. Anyone who knows me well knows I don’t make sense usually when I speak. But I find connection and I flow out into poetry. And when I make art, and write about my art. Lists are useful, put I suppose poetry are kind of like lists.


So so today im thinking, does art really make a difference? It does. But I more mean, what’s the best way of connecting? This music im listening to I feel so connected to like this is what I want to do. I want to share what channels through me, it can be better shared than just being written on a blog can’t it! Music heals and soothes and moves us. What’s the best ways to move the people? Art, music or video? They all work but in different ways. And I think music is the most accessible. Because when we are alone and out in the world we listen to it, we can be bonded together in it and dance to it and cry to it and smile to it and be inspired by it. We can use it as. Bible to help live our lives. I don’t feel art or video does this, although they are pretty beautiful in their own ways, and i am in art.

What is the best way to say a message? With a vibration?

Maybe I can put on exhibtions, happenings where we use art video and music to connect but not in a conventional way. Like hugs and circles and check ins and love. Message sharing and feeling. Listening and sharing and seeing and not seeing. Vibrating with music. And recording it in a way for Internet inspiring. And recording music for viral sharing. Maybe a cd for car hearing. Making music over a course of time as an art event for a cd of messages for the people. Inspired by medicine for the people and the question how best can we connect?

Happy Sunday morning, thank you for reading and please share your thoughts channel them.

Does es anyone else constantly feel pulled between the self and connecting universal. It’s the same thing.


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