Plan of action. An art work. A workshop pre plan.


  • introduction to what this is- drop in … If any of you don’t know this is a part of a week long Exhibtion, called drop in. We have been doing workshops every Tuesday in the space aimed at opening up our art practices and connecting with the library to make art for. We have reesearched a lot into invisible art, which is what influenced me to think about energy. One week we made maps of the library and I made a map of energies, the flow of the paths people took and the energy they left trace of. This was one idea I thought of when I came to having to propose ideas for this final exhibtion. The process lead me down a path from wanting to make a map for people to follow/highlighting hotspots of energy in the space, to then wanting a shaman/energy reader/healer to come in and read the energies and pick up on things I hadnt the knowledge to pick up on.
  • my friend has a farm and when she first started working with the land she noticed that a part of it felt sad, she noticed when she looked at it or walked on the ground this part of the farm wasn’t happy and wasn’t growing well. She got a land energy reader to come in and to heal the land, the woman picked up that a tree use to grow here that was vital for all the other life around which her mum and dad who passed on the farm to Helen, had chopped down. This is a simple example of how land/space can change in the way it feels and makes us feel based on its history and what once may have happened here and stuck energy that may be there that needs healing and releasing. Now the farm has been healed and is used as a healing retreat and permaculture farm. Im sharing this with you as its one thing in my awareness which inspired the thought of bringing in an external experienced energy worker to bring awareness to some invisible history or spiritual energy that we can’t see but maybe feel when occupying the space.
  • I tried very hard to connect with someone to come and share with us today some sort of energy reading whether that be shaman or mediumship, or land healing, blessings or rituals to cleanse the space or even just meditation. I did book one lady in who was printed on the flyers but after further discussion we came to realised that we wasn’t on the same page and she wanted to do talks here another time that she will arrange on her own.
  • So here I am as the host, I origionally planned to be the facilitator of this event over seeing and guiding someone else to fulfil and add to my intent. After a lot of searching outside myself for someone to fulfil this Iv realised that it’s been me all along who needed to do this. We have to over come our fears of not being good enough and our fears of not having the right experience because if you really ask yourself what you want to achieve you realise that’s inside you. So what is today and what do I want to achieve or share with you all.
  • Today I want to bring awareness to the invisible presence the library holds, the energy that surrounds us and pushes and pulls us. I want to share with you a part of what I have noticed whilst I have been occupying the library for the past 3 months. I have done a lot of feeling seeing and listening in the library in all the workshops and when Iv come in by myself. I drawn maps and wrote a lot. This is what we are going to do today.
  • We are going to read the energy of the library ourselves by connecting with our senses through the different exercises I set.
  • what does our mind tell us?
  • First we are going to do an exercise which we have been doing ever tuesday for the past 3 months called check in. This is where we all sit in a circle and we we check into the space, today I want us to check into the library we are going to all sit here and listen to the energy and space around us and make an observation on how we feel sitting here. We will release the ego little thoughts in our heads. There will be no judgement in this exercise. The rules are we can speak when we feel like speaking there is no order and no time limit this could take half and hour or 30 seconds. You can only speak once but you can speak for as long or as little as you want. What you say must be truthful and on your mind don’t think of something cool to say just be you and say your truth what’s flying around in your mind. The aim of this is to release energy into the middle of the circle which will relax us into being here and now.
  • This has been our mind reading of the space.
  • Thank you.
  • Next – sight reading what does our sight tell us?
  • Now we are going to all go out into the library, this will be how we can see through things with our eyes- we will have 15 mins to observe energy with our eyes- do this by trying to see beyond what you can see and sensing. By making. Relation between the two. You can observe movement, light, noise, knowledge or anything you like.
  • Then we will meet back here to discuss what we have noticed. it could just be one word don’t feel pressure, you may wish to share nothing or just tell us how you noticed the pattern of your own breathing in a certain place.
  • Next we will sit here and close our eyes. We are going to use our ears to listen to the energy of the library. What can you hear? What are the vibrations that surround you? Do you notice if you feel when you notice different sounds? Are these sounds within you? Are you creating the sound? Do the sounds add to the energy of the library?
  • What does our touch our feeling tell us about the energy of the library?
  • Now we are going to use our sense to feel. We can take this very Litterally materially and handle the books and shelves and chairs. We can simply go sit on a chair in a corner or we don’t have to really touch anything you can stand in one spot and feel your feet on the ground. This exercise is about feeling, we can ask questions such as can I feel energy through what I am touching. Can I feel energy pass through me? Is their something in the air that is touching me? Did that person who walked by be touch me with their energy that they emit? How do I feel these things? Do I feel differently coming into contact/touching/feeling different material/non material energy?
  • Then we will use our imagination.
  • We are now going to draw a map of the library. Do not worry. We are all artists you can draw simple lines or detailed lines every version of you that you bring out onto paper is artist standard. Draw what you’ve obersed so far whilst occupying the library. You can use water colours of you like. Imagine maybe what use to be here before the library was build or the spirits in the universe we can’t see that may surround us or you could jsut draw all the plug sockets and make a map of those. What ever you have felt or noticed try to connect with this and imagine a map of the library if we had magic glasses that allowed us to see past and through things.
  • Next we will use our maps and what we have learnt so far to bring intention and new energy to the library.
  • we have 10 mins to think/discuss this
  • Have you felt something you’d like to say thank you to? That can be an intention of gratitude. Or maybe you want to bring an intent for something to manifest in this space that is materialistic, it could be for a release of a sad energy you have felt and intent for healing. It could be an intent for a book to be checked out. Anything. It can just be one word please don’t feel any pressure nothing is right or wrong.
  • Now we will finish our energy reading with a check out. This is just like check in. And instead of where we we released maybe our ego and our thoughts on the library we are now going to release our intention into the centre of the circle.
  • Thank you all for coming. You have all read the energy of the library individually and collectively. Thank you for doing something new and for helping me manifest this workshop.

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