Poetry for a book

There is a boy that pays particular attention to bugs
He loves the slim made by slugs
He loves giving doggies hugs
His favourite sentence is “please can I stroke your doggy”
This little boy shouts all day long
For people to stop and sing their song
He asks them questions
And gives suggestions
He knocks on the neighbours doors
Because “I love to”
He invites himself in and walks on their floors
Because “I want to”
To the world he could seem rude
He gives and takes food
But he’s an angel
There’s no boundaries in this little boy
He eats mostly vegan, he likes soy
But mostly whole and raw foods like banana
He grows food in his garden, with mummy, like a farmer
This little boy is home educated
“We love to live by the Earth” his mum stated
He said, “I like driving in our car,
I like to look at the moon and stars”
Mummy worries about the fumes that come their car
But it lets them time travel quite far
It’s ok just for now
Because it does allow
us to drive up the mountain and watch the sun go down
Where noah loves to act like a clown
They get to traveled around
And connected to the ground
stomp in the leaves
And fly in the breeze.
They draw with sticks in puddles
And have lots of cuddles.
Mummy teaches him about ripples and how they grow
She points at how the sun glows
This little boy is a fish so she lets him go with the flow
She taught him how plants grow from the seeds you sow
And how all this is inside him
And how we may loose but we will always win.
They learnt about the stars and how they shine in the dark
And how their footprints leave a mark
How the sun gives life with its rays
And how to meditate in this haze.
His favourite food is “carrot and apple and tnana”
And they like singing hare Rama hare Rama
This little boy loves to throw rocks
And jumping in puddles that get wet his socks
Mummy loved his locks
They learnt about hair
And that we should take care
Because it holds special powers
“We shall let it grow like wild flowers”
They played with mud and drew circles
And saw people as miracles
They learnt lessons living everyday
The most important thing in life is play
And i as his mummy would just like to say
“There is a seed in this little boy and it grows
There is light in this little boy and it glows
There is water in this little boy and it flows
In you and me and we should all know
We can grow roots from our toes
My only concern
Is for us to learn
We are all connected to each other
We are all sister and brother
The earth is our mother.
The universe has a current, it has a tide
That we all ride.
I want us to feel the magical feelings
That come by knowing we are all infinite beings
With a never ending soul
We are a whole
Know that I love you
Never ask who
You are
Because you simply are a star
Here and now
Worship a cow
Never row
With anybody, inside always smile
Close your eyes for a while
And dream
Dream dream dream
You are everything, you are the supreme.


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