This little boy


There is a seed in this little boy and it grows
There is light in this little boy and it glows
There is water in this little boy and it flows
In you and me and we should all know
We can find our way by following our nose
And we grow roots from our toes.
I just have on little concern
And that Is for us all to remember and to do this we must learn
We are all connected to each other
We are all sister and brother
The earth under our feet is our mother.
And Did you know the universe has a current, it has a tide
That we all magically ride.
Can you feel the tingling feelings
That come by knowing we are Magical super human beings
With a never ending soul
Which makes us apart of the great big and powerful whole
To conclude Please know that I love you
Said Mother Earth. And Never ask, who
You are?
Because to me you simply are a star
Like the sun, giving life to all earth
Like a mummy who gives birth.


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