Wellbeing as art


I have been mulling over ideas recently. Ideas of what I can create and manifest into being my job, my source of abundance and way to share my Dharma with the world, now I’m homeschooling noah. It starting with me thinking (after spending 3 months in a library) of applying for funding to research and use a library as a base and create a program to interact with the people who use the space and rethink/reimagine and use the library as the wonderful resource it is.

Tonight I saw a link shared on facebook (social media, yes), but it shared how a school started doing mediation in schools and all the benefits they have gained. This is something close to me as I wanted my son to attend the Maharishi school but we didn’t make the cut, we are first on the waiting list. Then I thought how great it would be to apply this way of thinking to art, spirituality and wellbeing in education and life. Can this be art? I am choosing to home educate and I am an atist, I should surely think about this more. I could combine this and explore something wonderful. Mindfulness in schools with noah, we could put together a wellbeing pack for schools as an art project exploring noahs development and teaching classrooms he would have been in- it can spiral out and grow much larger than this initial idea. I’d get experts of different feilds yoga, vegan food-conscious eating, Ayurveda, mediation, art, and more. We could just start with one idea to meditate with classes, we could even start where we live and travel it around.

I really feel excited by this like its a step closer to what I should be doing as its something that’s been popping up in my head for a while now. But this time I feel the fact I have realised the art connection makes the proposal stronger. This leads on synchronistically, like its meant to be, from the last project I worked on in Accrington Drop IN. I feel like this project really opened up the way I think about my art, what I am doing and what I  am all about.

Late night pondering of an artist and mum, to be continued…

Thank you,



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