Sense, reality

How can we rely on one sense to tell us a truth? We can’t.


So we speak of how marvelous it is to be a tiny spec in this vast darknesspull the universe… And how we are a tiny spec on this spec that is this marvelous Earth. But doesn’t this just tell us how seperate we are from it all? Yes it does.

I think we have created this reality, where there’s a moon and a sun and stars and people, as a kind of prison to ourselves. We are living in this world to learn to find wholeness in separation maybe? This is all an illusion anyway, I know this. All this “sight” we sense and see… Wow we lean so much on this once sense and it being the sense that gives us the most truth. But, what if our eyes really lied to us. All this we can see, all this projection, well what if it is all really just us. We have created this reality. Like a huge matrix, we are playing game. The vail is getting thinner for me, the other day the floor was giving off energy and what I saw was all wiggly like heat rising but not and then last month I really had a long extended period of time at the beach where I just felt that what I saw was not real. It was like I was looking at a tv screen, or a pulled down screen in front of me and I was so aware of it.

Our lie to use, we shouldn’t trust out eyes, and in this case we shouldn’t trust the images (possible, highly likely fake images) NASA feed us anout how seperate and small and insignificant we are in this whole.


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