The force

“let go of your conscious self”

“your eyes can deceive you don’t trust them”

Both quotes by Obi Wan Kenobi in Star Wars.. A film series me and Noah are just getting into watching after so long of kind of wanting to but never actually watching them (I think the new one soon coming out made me start to watch it)

I love the force and all the teachings shared, I mean the first film first hour and this line comes out! This is exactly what Iv been gathering from what I want to work with in my art, for the past 3 months during my residency in Accrington. I am an artist who works with the senses to find the force. I am a artist Jedi! Haha

It seems anything from the norm

causes a storm

in the heads of ego

in a system where we a taught not to let go

it shows in the hearts of feel ing

Following the voice that sings

she knows what persistence brings

believ ing

In the darkest times shine the brightest of twinkles

time grows wrinkles

in trees, bind. Boundless. Now.

Your seeds are ready to plough

on the surface. Have faith. Let go. Trust

believe in the force we must




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