Working with Noah

Quiet. In a whirlwind. In an ocean. In a library. In a dinner hall. Passing. Fleeting, by, and by. Watching, watching, watching more. Searching for something. Searching for something that captures me. Gaze my attention. Get me to ask why. Be inquisitive. Scrunch my face, sharpen my eyes. Ponder upon this. Ponder more, more.

Pull me in. Distract me, make my head spin. Centre me. Calm. Smooth voice, remember your gravity. Earth spin, still. Breathe. Be. In a space of freedom. A large hall, poorly lit by sun. Un open in elements. Breathe. In, this skin. Are you here? Fully here? Hello there you, can you think? Are you open to inspiration. Can you see? Can you see past sight. Past, mind, ego, shouting; mummy, mummy, MUMMY. Computers. Codes, passwords, restrictions. And your back, in the room. What have you noticed?

How the room spins. With your mind.  Are you still? Centred, focus. Fast as lightening. Fast as his hands reach for a biscuit, or for the buttons on your keyboard. As fast as your eyes. Watching, noticing. Are you presently walking. Coming in, going out. Agenda. Projection. Preconception. Expectation. Collectively, consciously, unconsciously made. Reality. Can you see the swirls, the wiggles of lines coming from the floor? Or are you just rushing through these doors.

Still. Slowly moving. Slug. Quite. Watching, hearing. In a bubble. Creeping. Whisper only. Scowl. Stay in one place. Hibernate. Create a sacred space. Absorb, download, free fall. Mind=unknown. Still.

Can you see the force feilds?  They suck you in, entangled, entwined.


Occupying, criticising. Hiding. Finding. Switching off. Or staying on, still always switched off. Until awoken. Fast, Rush. Push. Temper, irritated, clumsy. Blind. Walking with no mind.

Running free through the open space. Why not? Ok, you have got my attention. I’m distracted. Go with it, it’s meant to be. Change your plans. Make a new, you have to. Observe this creature. Think, see. Be inspired. Focus in on one. Use what you have. Your a mum. Bound. You created a soul with no boundaries. Boundless. My conditioned self Feels she must tame the wild. Tame the wind. Tame the water=build a damn. Walls. What should people think. Conducted. Expected. I am slow and he is wild, he is wind, he is water. I am still, I am in mind, I am watching. Earth. He’s racing, doing, being, living. Fire. Quickly. Immersed. All. He pushes.

Water. Moving thought the space like water. Powerful, destructive, always finding a way. Washing away. Every second of the day. Invisible. Do what you want. Finding a way. Bent and twisted like vines you grow up. To the sun. Determined. Won’t take no for an answer. Perspective. Illusion. That’s not in my reality. Exists. Free. Water. Flowing as a fish. A fish. Compared to a grounded goat, watching= contemplating. Creating a space to hide. Watch. Feeling. Sensing. His energy dances across the floor like a doe. He moves like a doe, and transforms. Quickly. Every changing, transcending. A dancing doe in the water. A watching bird, made out of Earth, in a nest with out-spread wings. Soaring. Beeded. Second guessing=grown. Contemplating=grown. worrying=wanting to grow. Battle between the two. Noticing. Noticed. I still don’t know.

Collective energy map. Individual intention. Creates. Makes. Plays. Spins. Stops. Encompassing all. Opposites. Whirlwinds. Sucked in. Projected. Created. Exists. Past sight. Past mind. Magic. Pretend your blind. Find. Something new. In the everyday. The creation, you made. Slow, fast. Wiggling, weaving. Contemplating, blocking. Crawling, grazing. Running, sitting. Looking and searching. Noticing something strange. Everyday.



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