Allotment with In-Situ

A day spent at Moor Nook Community allotments volunteering with In-Situ, with Noah my 4 year old son.


Permaculture. Community. Alive. Enthusiasm. Cold, winter. Numb-toes. Cobwebs. Spiders. Playing, laughing. Smiles. Feeling=inspired. People coming together. Working it out. Solving. Doing. Being. Breathing. Whistling. Brews. Making jokes about loos. Hiding in bushes.

Knowledge. Sharing. Caring. Thinking, seeking, asking. Listening. Stopping. Projecting, imagining. Giving=spirit. Energy. Wide eyes. Talking. Engaging. Saging. Hands. Demands. Plans, that involve heating a container with cans. Pomping a horn. Eating crisps and bread. Mummy, help me build a house, he said.

A pumpkin. Onions, and a mushroom in a bed. Making rag rugs. Skills, swopping. Pulling together. Threads. Weaving. Entwining. Making. Invisible ties, in material matter. Compost waste. Did you know that fruit trees like wee. Here. In a place to be free. If you have a product use it. Circles. Cycles. Seasons. Freezing. Feeling. Sensing. Being. Rooted. Β Ground. To each other we are bound.

All photographs taken by Noah, apart from the one below-this is he, taken by me.

Thank YOU



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