Community should own their own museums.

The council represent the people but are cutting spending on the people and the things in their towns/cities that matter.

A conversation with a friend- “When you treat the people like they are stupid then they will become that. Your too stupid to handle the money, so we are going to handle the money.” And then we now are in a state of believing in “thier” power, their control, and the decisions and rules they make. This is an illusion. We give the power with our beliefs.

Its a complicated thing

Neo-liberalism – all about balancing budjets, and how do we do that? We cut them- they look at what’s taking and not giving money back to society/the goverment? =Libraries and museums. They want to relocate the people’s funding/taxes …cut social venues.

Which equals= antisocial, even more disconnected human beings in society, no community hubs, no free access to information and history and culture.




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