you can’t find you, behind you

I need a hug

from someone who understands

I need someone who has healing hands

Iv got this sickly bug

in my gut and its con caving me in

wheres my flow my head hurts my ego wins

my face is scrunched in confusion

sometimes you think you know but it’s an illusion

when you question life it’s hurts you

trusting, I know won’t desert me

i know so much about how to be

but this time I’m not feeling free.

its 6 am and I could be doing yoga, drinking water, meditating, chanting, painting

i could be creating

but im laid in bed, like I’m waiting

for a hero- come in and lure me from this den

hiding away, doing this to myself

sometimes we have got to be silent

and go with it, your allowed to not know

with strong winds, a wave could surely shake your flow

basically im writng this to see if someone else out there feels in anyway the same

or maybe I’m writing it down so I feel less insane

then my brain

wont hurt

or maybe it my body, my eyes and my jaw

pulled down into a puddle

I didn’t see it

pulled from the path I was on, I fell down

i dragged myself in

maybe the light hurt my eyes

im aware now, that’s what counts


Looking over years behind you

blind you

you can’t find you

behind you





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