Does an artist have to plan a workshop?

The photos below have been taken between me and all the kids at the allotment, on my iPad. I really love the images children capture, especially the blurry ones and the ones of feet. I am really intrested in how anything can be art when you have the thought process behind it. I like to think of life as art and how anyone can make art, and no matter how it looks it is an expression and beautiful. I love childrens art- why? Becuase it’s innocent and free from ego and judgement and little thought goes into it, it’s free flowing and pure expression. Free hand lines and without agenda, usually. the child is the adult before barriers and preconceptions and ideas come in the way. It’s free from walls.

The photo-taking at the allotment: makes a great impromptu workshop/happening-without realising it at the time or before the time. Why would it make a good workshop? We all shared the iPad and took our own records of our afternoon at the allotment. That in itself could have been pre-planned and advertised/talked about, and called a workshop/happening. (I am aware they both different things, but right now I’d like to explore how they can be the same thing- a happening has been a new concept for me to work with)

Thinking about the above I asked some questions:

Does a workshop have to be planned or can it be decided afterwards? Does it have to have a place, or time, or theme, or can it just be organic? Do we even have to have the idea of it or can it be sectioned off and advertised after it happened? Maybe a happening should Litterally be just- a happening. And then that’s it, that’s the art work- discuss/write about it afterwards. (Life as art, and the living parts that you think of after which you connect and feel are cool/relevant to your art/ or whatever- maybe it’s just that you keep thinking about it. You can use this as your art work. Why? Because it happened. And because, you don’t need to plan something for it to happen. Maybe the happenings that, “happen”, in communities are really what should be brought to our consciousness and spoke about/rememebered. Some artists create a happening- like fake real like, but does this mean life is fake? Maybe we could find realness in the everyday.

Want tips on how to do this? Live life. And don’t think about your actions as being an artwork. Let the ideas come to you. Dont over art I fy a situation. Live for the moment. Don’t fake it. Don’t plan or talk about doing something to record for the sake of art- let art be what your doing.

Can art be made backwards? Yes- painters do this all the time. Some, like me, create and then think up the ideas afterwards. Why can’t workshops/happen is be like this- except that means you go out and do then write up what happened, and where, and how afterwards.

The whole afternoon seemed like a pretty great workshop- we came, we spoke, we shared ideas, we cooked and ate food then we spoke about planning on the container and through all this we took pictures and the children made a den and played in the rain.


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