Universal conscious pull for people power in art

Is there? This is what came to me this morning whilst browsing art on the web. What? A sense of community and people engagement through art- which is being funded and recognised by prestigious arts awards. I think this hit the nail on the head for me- that being that Iv seen it for a while now maybe the past 6 months Iv started to realise a new direction of art happening… Or was it that I just started to notice it. My eyes have been slowly opening to to a new kind of art and that being maybe not even art at all.. In the traditional kind. But more of a say- litter picking on a barge along the canal with Insitu or seeing art as talking in conversation in a recent exhibition with Amy Lawrence- where I started to ask a lot more about what art is for me? What can art be? And realising it can be anything as long as there’s a thinking and doer behind it.

Now this morning i saw The Grandby Workshop and it came it me that, wow this isn’t just happening locally, it’s happening all over the UK. And so could this be happening globally? Artists reacting to the now and acting with people. Iv noticed even with gallery art that there has been more emphasis on people, engagement and preformance- this seems to be more the way to connect and create a new message for us.

Is there a universal pull for change? Is there a universal pull for art being the answer and working with people? Maybe art is meant to be us, people- working with people. And preforming with people. Mostly art is about the audience. But maybe I mean more- now in a time of disconnection we are all realising the pull for grass root preformance and projects to be from people and for people and that make people move and be in the act. The best thing about this realisation is not that awesome realisation- but that is happening everywhere, it is being funded and recognised by top organisations/awards.


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