Beginings are now

Beginings arent only for the first day of every year. Do you know you can make new goals and set intentions every second of your life, this infinite boundless energy is present every moment that we live. With each breath we can create a new, with each though we can manifest our reality. This today is a perfect reminder of this: cycles and seasons can bring beautoful flourishing manifestations from the intentions we set though each new moment. This wisdom we can carry with us thought out our time here.

We have been blessed with this one day a year, to reminded us of the new starts we hold within us.

What has this year brought you?

I have gone through many of cycles of change throughout ut this year around the sun.

As I look back it almost feels like a lifetime- I left my time as a co-shop keeper of arts and crafts. I co-curated and organised a Print Fest. I sent noah to school then made the decision to take him out and homeschool him. I met people on a path to Eco and community and bought myself a backpacking tent. I went to a few conscious festivals. I took part in an arts workshop program in a library which lead to an exhibtion of invisibillites. I decided to have an abortion, who I named rose and Exhibited a painting I did about this experience. And the end of the year gave me and a small collective of artists a house for a studio to work in where I take noah to. All this and inbetweens of adventures down south and many trips to the beach, painting watercolours and blogging a lot more, and turning my art into ceramics with help from a friend. Oh and Iv also volunteered a lot with art organisations which lead to great opportunities and provided me with great experience in the areas I wanted to grow within- like community and growing and exploring art and what it is, and what it can be.

I am really grateful for this year and looking back can see I have overcome a lot of struggles and made a lot of strong choices in my life path which I am sure will propel me foreards into an abundance filled love and flowing 2016.

I intend for this year to be one of health, abundance, love, understanding, and acceptance.


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