Art is everything with a concept, which is everything.

I use to think so. Last year I was a part of an arts collective who ran a arts and crafts shop supplied only by the local community. The shop was kind of over run by the craftier side, and after 8 months I decided it was my time to leave. I had boxed myself into the art side of the 2 and no longer felt the shop could serve me in my career. Now I’m self employed and still, an “artist”, but I have been making more craftier things than I ever did in the shop at No.11.

Ceramics- mugs, Teacups, tiles, badges, and a lot more watercolour paintings. The only time iv recently picked up my oils is to do life drawing, that I only started this month as this has just begun to manifest itself in my life again. And apart from all this I’m still working on what I would say my art is about- my ideas, my concepts and the invisible, sometimes intangible artworks that is art. But now I’m doing all this I’m wondering why is art, for some people, different from ‘craft’?

Is it the people who make it and their ideas behind it? Is something art because you say it is? Yes, that’s the same for anything in life isnt it. Iv just been reading a book, Eat Pray Love in fact (not very arty I know-but WONDERFUL), and in the book I learn a whole lot, somewhere in the book she says something is only sacred because you say it is. Oh nooo I’m getting confused ok it wasn’t Eat Pray Love, it was the other book iv been reading along side called Sacred Clearing. This is a wonderful thing that I realised, it’s only by thought that we make something what it is, so by this- if I thought my whole life to be sacred and all that is in it and all that I cross paths with, then it would be -SACRED. I read this book whilst clearing my whole house of anything I did not have a physically pleasing and loving vibe from- everything- even my sofa and my mattress (for now I’m sleeping on the floor). When she told me to clear out, I really did do it. Iv got only one thing I need to still clear and that’s an old computer which I want all my pictures off then I’m happy to give it away and create space for a new.

Back to art/craft. Why do we label ourselves. Can a person just explore being one of these terms because they believe their work to be in one of these categories. We could say many a artists work to be craft- like Tracey Emins textil wall hangings. And en we can argue what they are about areย rt art because they are made by an already established artist! … My ceramics share the same messages my art does but in a more “sellable” format.

The ideas are the artwork. Physical representation is just that, just what it is, it’s your way of communicating that message. Maybe I want people to realise these messages as hey drink a brew everyday of their lives rather than a one off visit to an exhibtion or happening or online somewhere lost in the ether.


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