Story telling. A goats tale.

One day, I, a goat fell down a crumbling mountain
I fell and got stuck between rock- all I felt was pain
The rocks squished I and squashed flat I’s heart
I had a map and longed to be free so I could make a new start.
One dark dark night a lion surprisingly found I
He moved the rocks, he blew I’s heart up and set I free.
He dusted off the goat,
He also built her a castle and a mote.
The lion’s orb was red, he burned bright with fearce love
He had a treasure trove for a heart like the dove
The goat had an attachment curse cast on her by a witch
The lion didn’t know that when he freed her from the ditch
The goat made a new unbreakable bond to the lion.
Together their energies raised up to Zion.
One, other day, the goat and the lion were called on by the wind spirits to cast a testing spell
They poured magical dust, from their pockets of life, into a never ending well
Into the well they stirred noise by singing on repeat the same song,
All summer and winter long.
Inside the well grew great storms, stars, and rainbows
And sometimes- out flew a few crows…..

More to follow.



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