A Story- The Goat, the fish, and the stars.

The goat had belly ache.

The stars made the earth quake.

Cracks appeared on the road.

The goat carried a heavy load.

A storm surrounded the sun,

It cast a darkness on the land that was no fun.

(For the goat,

As she was unprepared- she had no coat)

The rain man danced,

The wind it pranced,

Through the grass, the trees,

And their leaves.

Twirling, entwining, the wind weaved-

A web.

The goat looked confused at the web, she said,

“What’s going on today?”

Then she lay,

On her back,

Next to the crack,

In the road,

And put down her load.

All the goat thought about was her belly and the cold.

Then down in the crack she heard a splash,

A rock flew up from the crack, “smash”.

The rock hit the goats eye,

“OUCH”, she let out a cry.

Then a voice came from the crack,

(That was scary and black),

“Hello”, echoed a fish,

“I am magic, and I grant you one wish”.

The goat replied, “I wish for my ache to go, to not feel so cold,

And for this web to unfold”.

Then the fish floated up from the crack, in a bubble,

“That’s 3 wishes, but no trouble…

Just close your eyes”.

He waved his fin at the sky.

The clouds parted,

And the sun started-

To shine down on the land.

“Please, now, goat, get up and stand here,

On the soil, on the earth.

Dig in your hooves, and feel it’s worth.

Your warm now-

So allow-

Your heart to focus- on the web you saw,

The one on your path that you wondered what it was for.

Listen, feel,

And the stars will reveal-

to yeu-

That the web is the wind,

The rain, and the sun.

The web never leaves.

It’s the trees, the cold freeze.

Its the darkness in the cracks on the path where we stand.

It’s the light from the sun that warms all the land.”

The goat felt a tingle, and a shiver, and a shake.

She grew a third eye- I promise you, I make no mistake.

She opened this eye and saw with the sun,

The web sparkled and glowed,

It showed=

It’s delicate, almost invisible, strands

Is connected to all lands

This wed is linked to everything,

(including the goat).

Then the fish summoned a cloud which helped the goat to fly-

Up to the stars, where she gave out a sigh.

“Now your belly ache is ours”,

The stars took the goat’s pain into space,

Shooting them away without trace.

Then the goat and the cloud came to a stop,

And the cloud blessed he goat with a perfect, blue, raindrop.

With one touch from the goat the drop was absorbed

the goat felt adored, this feeling she stored.

She then grew a belly full of plants,

And filled her head full of fun chants.

Then grew one eye of darkness and another of sunshine,

and she became infused with an aroma of pine.

Then she saw from this height, (and with her new sight), that her path was truly sublime.

The goat thanked the fish and the stars for this wonderful time.

She carried on back down, onto her path,

And mended all the cracks, with a jolly jolly laugh.

And just so you know, there was never another time that she needed to make another wish.

The goat lived a happily ever after life on her path, with the fish.

The, infinite, end.








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