Green living
Plants are forever giving
You= vital energy
Allowing you to be.
Harmonise with kale
It will lift the vail
Of life.
It will stop time-
Open up your eyes to the sublime.
Your body is a temple,
Greens balances your mental-
Fruit is freeing-
From boxes and suffering.
Smoothies will bring
Out your wings,
That are hidden in your back=
Your an angel.
Heaven is in earth,
Growing all that is truly worth
Whole food will lift you from blackness,
Help you distress,
Cures all illness,
Cleans up the mess,
You, from the intox…. icating
Politicians debating.
Mess made,
By mass trade,
And man made,
Fake food-
That alters our moods.
Earths crimson embers
Flame within,
What we eat,
Helps our heart beat.
The earth nourishes and grounds our feet.

Green heart chakra



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