Feeling lonely?
It’s ok call me I’m here.
Don’t fear
on your own.
Call me I will pick up the phone!
I get lonely too.
And I wonder who,
The heck am I.
I write out texts to people,
And delete them,
Again and again.
It’s ok, not a curse.
Your not desperate.
It’s because we are all separate.
We just need a friend,
That’s not on the Internet.
I’m here if you get upset.
Or are set,
To explode.
Off load,
Need a hold.
I’m here,
Call me,
We are family. Better yet let’s meet up, put out feet up and lay in each other’s arms, why don’t people do this more? I’ll open the door and you can not speak a word. We can share love. Be understanding and not demanding. Feel each other’s space, go at one another’s pace. Come over to my place. Or meet in a new space. Past material without trace.


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