I’m possible


It’s possible
I’ll be,
Breathing on the moon,
And eating off it vegan cheese any time soon.
Impossible? But I’m possible.
It is possible
I’m going to join the jelly fish in the sea,
Then probably be caught in a net and made into soup.
It’s possible to replay on a loop=
But possible=
To live for all of time.
Infinitely I’ll be living,
Without a body.
Recycling and constantly giving –
My energy back to the earth.
Every 100 years,
I’ll re-birth.
But I’m possible.
So it’s probable,
I’ll fly back to Venus.
I’ll be invisible.
It’s possible,
Not impossible.
So it’s probable,
The spirits will show themselves
The fairies, goblins, and elves.
And we’ll all dance in the woods,
Like we spirits should.
I’m probably,
Going to join a bee-
In my next life.
In another world.
But Im possible.
So it’s probable-
I’ll turn into a telescope for you to see,
The comets, planets and stars.
I’ll show you the universe is ours.
It’s not impossible (because Im possible)
So it’s probable that our eyes are not ours.
They belong to Giants in the sky.
And the dragons that fly-
Over our head.
But it’s probable.
Next year,
I’m possibly not going to have any arms,
Instead I’ll have claws.
I’ll be a crab.
And a starfish will name me Vlad.
It’s Impossible I could be sad.
There’s so much to be glad-
Just check out this floor!
Covered in flowers,
My feet stretch straight through the earth, for hours.
At night they are warmed by the sun.
It’s possible
Because I’m possible. It’s probably-
We can time travel.
We do it every day.
When we move, when we play.
When we are sat still we are hurtling through space.
So let’s go to another place-
In time.
In the future=
We are all balls of light
No body fights
Instead we master flight
And have unlimited insight.
But probable
Because I’m possible
And I’ve got a moon on my ankle.

It’s possible we can fly
Because beings give birth every minute
So there is no limit
To this grand design
Except the mind
It has the possibility to find
A possible for everything
It’s not impossible if you believe.


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