Draft- book 1: The foraging series- The Fish and The Dandelion

Daft 1, Book 1- The Foraging Series: The Fish and The Dandelion. -Feedback welcome, I intend to self publish a series of children books and would like any critic you may have about this story. Thank you, Antonia Hennerley.

The gold-fish loved dandelion. A plant that connected him to Zion. That calmed his inside lion.


The fish and the dandelion spoke one day.
As he lay,
On his back with the sun shining on his scales,
And his long twirling tail.
It was a beautiful day,

He was so happy he had left the pond, he was very fond- of his magical water cloak- it allowed him to swim through the air, and over land. It allowed him to adventure, explore and understand.
Other worlds. The fish felt marvellously gay. He decided to lay- on the grass, he closed his eyes,
Heightened his ties-
To the trees and the ground,
Underneath. He began to meditate and listen to the sounds,
All around him.

The thoughts in his head grew dim.
He stopped flapping his fins.
Oh such beautiful sounds he could hear.
He was hugged by the grass, he was safe here.
He had no fear.
Breathing deep and slow,
His silent body and mind put him in a magical flow.
A ripple, a wave, a river, and ocean, blue.

Then a delicate voice whispered through
His ears, and he knew it was the dandelion’s.
“Hello I am miss dandelion and I have a message for you,
For you have been listening
So now a song I shall sing –
We are dandelions
We are a plant that care
For the human that dare,
Teach themselves the knowledge of life that grows in the ground.
In the hedges, from the pavement cracks, parks, walls, we come to life all around.
There is plenty of us to be found.
We are a plant that care=
For the passers through our air,
For the people who want to learn of our magic.
We heal the sick,
earth, air and gatherer.
We want to share”

The fish opened his eyes and saw everywhere was a glow,
With his favourite pretty yellow weed.
“You know dandelions grow a beautiful ball full of seeds.
In the wind we carry our energy to another patch,
Until one day that seed will take root and hatch
Into another one of us, we sow and sow.
This is how our family grows.
With the help of the Suns life force,
We shoot up from source.
We plants should not to be pulled and put in the bin, be sprayed or killed
We are a weed filled,
Full of vitamins and nutrients.
We are heaven sent.
And meant,
For greatness”

The fish saw a sparkle in this flowers dazzling sunburnt centre
The flower whispered “Take me, take my seed let me enter
Your belly,
Smell me
I’m everything you need,
Take me in- I may be called a weed
But I am a seed
i should be wanted,
And fed.
To all who see me on their daily walks.
I’ve grown just for you, pick my stalks.
Pick my leaves, pick my petals- be
Raw- I’ll lift your energy.
Pick and pickle my buds before I bloom to yellow.

When you walk by me say hello-
I can hear you and I see you.
I vibrate a golden truth.
I am one of many weeds in your garden outside.
People see me as an ugly sight, they see me as something they must hide.
But please don’t!
Because then I won’t,
Be able to help the earth,
Help the bees give birth,
To honey and the cycle of life they help nourish.

Oh, little gold fish,
Your so important to this cycle of life. If I had one wish,
It would be this right now.
Me sharing this know-how,
With you.
Then you can do,
This prophecy.
And see
-As the magic golden flower I am!
You can,
All your life, grow with the magic of me.
Talk to me and ask if you may harvest me,
make me into tea.
Share this tea with a stranger,
friend, neighbour.

But please take care- be midful of where you pick me,
Wash me before you eat me.
Sometimes farmers spray me with poison,
It makes me poorly, which isn’t very fun.
Or I may be infected by the pollution of cars on roads.
Please please try to walk or bike or pull a trailer for heavy loads.

Pick me from your garden, look for me in your park,
or go for a country walk.
I’ll always be here,
Every year.
The earths vibrations I’ll hear,
I’ll grow new life for all to share.
And I’ll answer you, but next time we speak listen to the air.
To your body.
What is the answer that I give you?
Your instinct will be true.

I have a seed. A tiny seed. A magic seed. And I am meant to plant this seed in someone special. This is my calling. To plant this seed, so it will grow-
And through waters flow
So tell me now, special fishy, can I plant this seed in you?”
The gold fish felt sprinkles of water rain down from white fluffy clouds on to his crown, on top of his forehead
A rainbow shed magic light, the warm sun energy warmed his whole being and he said
“yes”, with eyes sparkling gold.
Now forever he would hold
Magic buried deep in his fin-feet.
Energy came up from Earth to meet
His heart and mind.
And the dandelion sang “in time you will find
Sublime from the sowing of this seed
And the plant in you will feed
Your environment”

The fish was filled with excitement
“Now I’ll leave you. I have made my wish.
Thank you for listening little gold fish.”

And the fish awoke
He picked the flower that had spoke.
Took it home, and made a cake with the petals.
As he baked he looked out at the hedges and began to wonder about the power of nettles…
Then he opened his doors
shared the cake with his neighbours
And felt the seed that the dandelion sowed
Grow and grow


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