The story of Venus


The story of Venus, and how she came to be. Firing red in the vast dark sky. Who is she? A beautiful girl, a woman, a lady, a female energy. She is present in all, in boy, girl, man, woman. We can all harness her powers. Of love. She is the goddess of unconditional love. She is radiant, a burning planet in the sky. Came from the darkness who gave birth to her, he sowed the love from fear he made he glow red to slow down the mind and empower life to thrive. She grows invisible roots that stretch to earth, all living things, and to you and me. If you ever forget how to love you can always call to Venus and she will hear you. She will send he invisible Ray’s to you and show you the way. She will send her magic down to vibrate on your body. She is e goddess of material and immaterial love. She manifests in all. In mind and in body and in soul.



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