A break from Internet and IPad.

My iPad has been in repairs for a few weeks. It has been fabulous. I have no pictures to document my adventures, art made or time shared with others. But I assure you I have been living. It’s quite lovely to no have any documentation. And strange, strange to think of this time passed as some blank pages that haven’t been materialised into forms on this internet. The best way to describe the feeling is to be light headed, but not faint like, more like floaty and not weighed down. I suppose this is because when we live in moments without the want to capture them and share them and distract ourselves from them with the Internet, we are really in them. Not in the past or future but just being. And that is unconsciously freeing, light footed, floating through life in your body. I say in your body as I think being online to separates us from us, like our energy is split. When I got my iPad back from repairs last night I sat there and noticed something, which is still with me now, my bruxism is back (teeth and jaw clenching). Being on the iPad tenses my body.

So here is to less time on this thing, I would love to say I won’t be using it. But I am just trying to forward my business online, so I shall give myself an hour a day. This will give me 10 mins in the morning after breakfast (not in bed like before) to check emails. Then 50 mins after Noah has gone to bed at around 8 to upload work done and seeds sowing for work and social media.

Try and have a break from Internet if you can, these past few weeks I have logged into the Internet 3 times, 2 being at the library and 1 at my dads to send an email. All times I noticed my eyes ache and my body uncomfortable in fact one day at the library I just had to log off my eyes were in such pain I couldn’t concentrate.

Thank you universe, and God for these lessons you have given me and for forwarding me on my path to one.



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