Words from a mother

I just love you so much
When I’m not with you
I am in flow
But you blow
Me down my gentle stream
You are my dream
Together we can conquer peace
Learning piece by piece.

I learnt from my parents
And now I know
Who I am
The pain we live in drives us forward
To safer plans
Laid in our tears
I am walking towards you
Clearer than it ever been
A beacon
I’m radiating,
Polishing my shine for you
Who follows me
Beneath my wing
I’m protecting you as you sing
It’s my job, my blessing and I have prized
Open my third eye
To see a clearer closer
I’m closer to you
Feeling more and more
On a path to feeling more
Being less numb
For you
You pull me through
For me
This is a beautiful life.

Thank you for burning me.
Thank you for birthing me. And for birthing from me.
Thank you for propelling me, for throwing me, for kicking me, for stroking me.
Thank you for growing me.
Sowing in me, seeds.
Thank you for being my seedling. Precious.
In my garden.
Precious. Angel.
I love you.
Thank you for growing me in your garden, twisting and snapping me and breaking and shaking me. Thank you for making me stronger. Thank you for teaching me to be me and thank you for showing me how to think for me. To be a mother for my child.


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