Expanding contracting, event plan.


This has manifested from a conversation with a science teacher in Blackburn Museum. We spoke about stars and the cosmos and he introduced me to the elastic band theory, in which I realised was just what I am doing in my art- on a journey back to one. Oneness, closer and closer together. I then after this conversation joined in a colouring competition and created this inspired-



Then I went home and painted this with my watercolours- further inspired,



Then I wrote up an event to share with others, as below.

This a a short workshop to Timed before sunset, so the closing contracting ceremony will be preformed with the sunset. Please do use this with friends and family, if you do please share feed back.

Free from money event to “gift share”- knowledge, awareness, and oneness.
Exploring= the elastic band theory.
The universe is currently expanding emitting blue light from red star centres- in this event we will be focusing on shining our auras from red through blue light –
Half an hour- An expansion ceremony, expanding our consciousness in an opening circle meditation in silence, you will envision yourself as red centres emitting blue energy- expanding as the universe is.
One to two hours- you will explore consciousness and the blue and red universe theory in conversation- with questions- with watercolour painting-exploring our subconscious and consciousness from the beginning silent meditation.
Half an hour to an hour- Contraction Ceremony- share a silent circle meditation through the sunset times to harness the setting red sun and the red centre of the earth to centre us into oneness- as the universe began and is (possibly) contracting back towards = a blue dot emitting red energy. We will close being blue centres emitting red energy.
Half an hour- A infinit ending, poetry collaboration that is channelled from the nights experience of a journey through red to blue.
-share your poem with me/the world.


Thank you



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