Dis connected poem

What part of you is disconnected
Interjected. Being intersected from your demon?
Conspiring dust, which is our connection to unities projection.
Pulled away, a part of the soul
Refrains you from the whole
My feelings are a mixture
Of peace and harm
Are your at war with yourself
Is the world at war
Is it all connected?
Who makes this disconnection?
Yourself. You are of detriment to our conscious collective health.
How do I escape this surfacing, the bubbling of buried things
We wish to choose love and light
Education of the mind. This paths a constant fight between the wrong and right.
Of reaffirming your true self
Rejecting old patterns that transcend the bubble your protected in
Instead of growing all the seeds you stamp on some falling from the path
Off-roading life’s tendencies to share the sickness
In you, your relationships, environment and earth felt
Brewing up the un-dealt
Beliefs planted unconsciously
Consciously surfaced so that your made to feel and shift between what is and isn’t real.


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