Counting down to Thursday,
But i am OK.
I got this.
I’m totally,
almost- in the flow.
Here i go
It’s a miracle my hearts beating
For all my fleeting
Fresh starts of tomorrows
Lost in sugar bags
Sweet porridge
YOU suffice
My empty pocket
Block it
Long cycles
You end here.
Wash away my fear
A demon attached
to me- unlatch
Your claws from me.
From my power house.
Shun it
No more. I’ll win it.
If it is a battle…
my angels have my back-
They lead me to a crash.
To stop, to look
At you
The gremlin within
I’m uncloaking you
You, my dear child within
Ignoring you- a sin
Time I’ll make
To hold you,
Cradled, you, my labelled.
I love you


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