To my sacral.

Chakra of creation.

Place feet like meditation,

To the edge.

Your hands lift-

Awaken my skin.

Untie with-ins.

Moments of awe, soar-pasts, tomorrows, sorrows.


Adventures with the fairies.

I appease,

to the streams.

I like not knowing where they go but i know where they flow

That puts my mind at ease- because it wants to know, it wants to label all that is sown. And i tell it, we are OK you know. I can not label everything this time.

Because i found its limitations-

on creation.

Nothing IS the pure potential for bliss.

you may miss,

-The truth that can not stop, be cropped, or boxed.

It must always flow and is something we can never name as it is meant to be unknown.

+ Organically grown.

So, Cycle

To my sacral

Chakra of pure potential

All is birthed from here,

you can let go of all the rabbit’s fear.





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